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Kids...x-posted [Jan. 24th, 2006|08:28 pm]
Expand your mind...
Why do people desire to have children? I wonder what the true answer is in most cases. I doubt a lot of people all share the thought that it's a means of populating the earth, or for any spiritual fulfillment. I know of people that want/have kids because they think it will change things for better/add the love they need in their life. Thoughts?

[User Picture]From: emilyana
2006-02-09 01:02 pm (UTC)
i definetly can't speak for other people. when i think of the idea, initially, i think, yeah, sure...i want kids...i think that's the programmed by society side of me talking. then, when i think about it, i don't for the selfish reasons already understood.

but when i think about jeff-i would like to. i wouldn't be upset if i didn't but i like the idea of creating a being together. creating someone outta the love we have for each other. i like the idea of molding or giving directions but yet freedom at the same time. i like the idea of unconditional love.

on the flip side....i'm scared to bring someone into this world w/ the state its in now. notice its not getting better rather slowly progressing downward.

like you, i'll know if its meant.
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